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King Group Ltd. is the pioneer in providing Quality Bank Logs. We provide you the hacked bank account logins that can be safely used at a price that is very reasonable. You can buy bank logs from us with a piece of mind. In case, you require the method to clean out the account without leaving a trace, we will provide you that.

We use various methods to acquire bank logs, most commonly used one is through phishing. Other methods include gaining access to various accounts through planting malware and bugs.

The Bank Logins that we deal in mostly are from USA, UK & European Union. They have a high demand and we strive our best to meet the demand.


You are at the right place to buy bank logs that are safe, fresh, reliable, and containing specified amount as per your order. It is possible to get and buy bank logins online, but first, you need to know to provide us with your requirements. The amount you need, which bank you prefer etc.

Major Banks We Deal In

If you want to buy hacked bank logins or buy chase bank login, then we can offer you a reliable service that meets your standards and is legit. Banks we mostly deal in are mentioned below.

USA Banks (BOA, Wells Fargo, Halifax)
UK Banks (Barclays, LLOYDS TSB, HSBC, Standard Chartered)
European Union Banks (BNP Paribas, Banco Santander)

When you buy bank logs after mentioning your requirements, you will be provided with the following data

Security Questions
Holder Name
Number Account
Bank Name.
Phone Number
Mother Maiden’s Name
SSN ( In US)

Other Identity Info

Routing Number

Account Number

Mobile Carrier Network

Mobile Carrier Pin (To Intercept OTP)

Online Bank ID

Online Bank Password

Attached Credit Card Complete Info.


  • Account with balance $4000 = $350
  • Account with balance $6200 = $450
  • Account with balance $7500 = $700
  • Account with balance $9500 = $1000
  • Account with balance $12000 = $1500

Some High Balance Accounts Mentioned Below. For Higher Amounts, Do Contact Us To Confirm If They Are Available.

  • Balance in Chase ——— 21k to 35k
  • Balance in Wachovia ——— 24k to 80k
  • Balance in Boa ——— 55k to 120k
  • Balance in Credit union ——— Subject To Availability
  • Balance in Halifax ——— Subject To Availability
  • Balance in Compass ——— Subject To Availability
  • Balance in Wells Fargo ——— Subject To Availability
  • Balance in Barclays ——— 80k to 100k
  • Balance in Abbey ——— 82k
  • Balance in HSBC——— 50k

Firstly, you will provide us with the details of your preferred bank, the amount you require. Then we will check & confirm whether that account and amount is available or how much time it will take for us to arrange one.

To buy bank logs, drop us an email at the address given below.

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Contact: ru.vendors5@gmail.com

WhatsApp : +1 548-800-0702 (Text Only)